About Us

Established Business

Since 2009

By distribution & co-marketing in the field of nutraceutical market. Year after year, we expand and build our own brands in the nutraceutical market. A new scope of expanding in Pharmaceutical, Medical devices and Medical field via partnering with well known good reputable manufacturers in Australia, USA, Europe (Spain, Germany, France, and Portugal)

Our Expansion

Geographical in 5 Areas on

With our business partners through our Marketing and Distributing arms in:


  • Saudi Arabia Nature Care,

  • Emirates California Greens Consultation

  • Bahrain Modern Care  


  • Egypt Epsilon Pharma

  • Kenya BLUE RIDGE.


Our Aims

 To Provide the Health Care Sector by Strong Brands Satisfying the Unmet Market Needs with the Strategic Support of our International Business Partners.


Our Vision


To Establish California Greens Co. As A Leading Company In The Field Of Nutraceuticals And Pharmaceuticals, in MENA Region by utilizing the matrix of:

International Partnership, Professionality, Experience And Know How To Expand.

Our Mission

Providing Healthcare Community With Unique, Effective Affordable yet Solutions In Nutraceuticals 

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices  For The Present And The Future satisfying unmet needs of the heath-care sector.